4 min read

Cleaning up queries with dot notation

One of the many conventions found throughout the Laravel framework is dot notation. Dot notation is the use of dots `.` in strings to represent depth. In many instances, it allows for writing cleaner and more clear code.

3 min read

Understanding Laravel's SerializesModels

When complicated objects are serialized, their string representations can be atrociously long, taking up unnecessary resources both on the queue and application servers.

3 min read

Simple Scaling with Redis Lists

Although simple and powerful, it's no secret that relational databases have their limitations. So what happens when simple doesn't cut it, and your relational database falls short?

5 min read

The power of static in PHP

Although most have probably seen the `static` keyword used in PHP before, have you ever wondered how many ways it can be used? Or possibly how many ways these different uses can provide value to your code? Let's dive into uses and examples and find out.