Ryan Colson

Software developer, interested in finding simple solutions to non-trivial problems.

Hey, I'm Ryan and I am a full-stack web developer based out of Sacramento, CA. I am currently pursuing opportunities that will expose me to new problems, technologies, and ways of thinking in hopes to expand my abilities to solve tomorrow's problems.

Outside of writing code, I listen to a ton of podcasts. Nowadays most of my library consists of entrepreneurial, business, and startup podcasts, but I do have quite a wide array of genres that I cycle through depending on my focus in life. I also love to lift weights. I have been lifting weights in a bodybuilding or, more so lately, "power-building" style for almost 10 years - that's nearly as long as I've been writing code! I am thankful to also have huge overlap between my professional and personal interests, so much of my time is spent nerd'ing out over highly technical topics that I'm super interested in. Some of those topics you can expect to see plenty of blog posts centered around including

  • Software development: unit testing, writing maintainable code, scaling web applications, ...
  • Career growth: working with a team, leveling up as an individual contributor, leading as an individual contributor, transitioning into management
  • Processes: identifying the need for, building, and iterating on processes
  • Technologies: Laravel, Vue, Tailwind, Redis, MySQL, DynamoDB, Inertia, Livewire, AWS